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| Updated on Sep 24, 2015

Visa for finding your way around Turkey

Travelling around Turkey can be tricky but once you have a Turkish visa and a place to go, the road opens up to new opportunities.

Places in Turkey are accessible by different modes of transportation, from private vehicles to hopping on public transport. You could even see landscapes from the air if you don’t mind the height of an air balloon.

Regardless of how you chose to get around, it’s essential to have all necessary paperwork done prior to departure. We can assist. For a smoother application process and quicker return than mail, visit and leave the rest to us!

Visa for finding Turkey

Once you arrive in Turkey, you’ll be forced to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Regardless what you chose, rental car or other, it’s important to remember that Turkey has outstanding public transport throughout the entire country.

Cities are easier as you can simply pop on a bus and take it to wherever you need to go. Be mindful of what times you are riding as rush hours for locals could make the trip a little more on the uncomfortable side.

Buses are only one way to get around and depending on the duration of your trip, may not be the best option. Check out domestic flights or even ferries for a quicker and less cramped journey. There are also taxis but it does add on expense especially if you have a taxi driver who takes advantage of your tourist status.

On occasion, drivers have been known to take tourists the “long way” in order to make more money. Be careful of these scams.

If you are headed away from the cities, you can climb aboard a train or rent a car. When taking the train, be sure to check with the Turkish State Railways as a major reconstruction project is currently underway throughout the country. Trains definitely provide less stress than driving as you can lay back, relax and leisurely watch the countryside pass you by. Sleeping is also an option when you travel by train. On the other hand, you are at the mercy of train stops and slower speeds.

Rental cars are a great way to get where you need quicker. The downside? Having to deal with other drivers in a foreign country. Visitors from the US tend to have a tougher time due to the lack of road rule structure endured in the states (ie., floods of traffic lights, stop signs, speed enforcement, etc).

Obey the laws and pay attention.

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