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| Updated on Sep 1, 2015

UK Citizen Requirements for Travel to Turkey

British citizens heading to Turkey will need to grab a Turkish Visa before entering the country.

Lucky for the Brits, a new and quicker visa has been put into play. Electronic visas are the new wave of the future for travelers. This makes for an easier application process and less to carry when journeying through the country. Not quite sure where to start? We have you covered. Our simple to use website it designed to make everything easier. From finding out information to submitting your visa, our site is a one stop shop. After booking your flight and hotel, pay us a visit at and find out how we can simplify your travel from the UK to Turkey.

United Kingdom citizens

Travelling to Turkey has its requirements but think of the fun you are going to have! There are incredible places to experience, by air, land and sea. From day cruises to hot air ballooning, you can see the entire country from multiple angles. It all starts with getting a Turkish Visa. It’s much easier than you think and if you already have a passport, it’s even less hassle. Once you have the trip planned out, wait until about 3 months before departure to apply for the visa. It’s valid for multiple visits totaling 90 days within a 6 month period of time. So if you are travelling for a two week vacation and don’t plan on returning, no worries. However, if you make a few trips, keep tabs on how many days you are actually in the country. Last thing you need is to wind up in trouble.


One exception to the visa is if you are taking a cruise. British citizens holding a passport from their native land do not need a visa for making single day visits. Be sure to check with your cruise liner before departure to be absolutely certain.


Travelling with children? Be sure to have a visa for each child. Having only one for you is NOT acceptable and you will be denied entry into Turkey. Currently, when arriving to Turkey, if you did not get a visa prior to leaving, you can apply for a visa on arrival. Though this service is extremely convenient it does come with risk. If anything is wrong with your passport or you have a flag against travelling, you face the risk of being denied. Plan ahead. Also, an electronic visa is linked to your passport, eliminating the need for a stamp. But we all know computers are not perfect and do have hiccups from time to time. It’s advisable to carry with you a paper copy of your visa.

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