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| Updated on Apr 24, 2016

Turkey tourist visa online to try famous Parsnip Curry

Turkey offers so many different types of tourist attractions to see

From the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, to Ankara a real modern city with universities, embassies and other governmental buildings.

You can now get a Turkey online visa today , and plan for a visit to the great land and enjoy the magical meals among other cultural events.

turkish visa and try curry

You can even visit one of the oldest cities in the world known for their Whirling Dervishes, get a tan on the Turkish Riviera with some of the best beach spots on the Mediterranean coastline.

Turkey is also very well known for the variety of flavors and different types of food. Get the true Turkish food taste with the spicy stew of pepper and tomatoes now – get the classy potato curry meals today for an outstanding meal.

To prepare the curry, the Turkish food culture has a specific recipe that should be followed as follows:

1) Using a saucepan, heat the oil, add some onions and gently fry them for about 10 minutes. This will soften them and make them lightly colored. The parsnips should be added and stirred well.

2) Ensure to add the curry paste, add tomatoes and some salt. This should be stirred well. 1.5 canfuls of water should be added and then boil them. Ensure the heat is minimal, there is simmer and cover for like 20 minutes to make the parsnips tender.

3) Stirring the turkey chunks then covering the pan and simmering for like 5 minutes complete the process. This allows the turkey to heat through. Get them off the heat. You can cool the curry and freeze it for 2 months. Some yogurt should be swirled in and then served with some basmati rice.

Turkey parsnip curry is a delicacy best known in the Turkish food culture. You should always try this meal out while in the country.

It brings out the true taste of the country’s cooking expertise and love for quality foods.

Applying online for your Turkey tourist visa is simple with where they offer 24/7 customer service offering and online chat.

If you incur issues while applying online then you are welcome to chat online with any of their operators to solve the issue. They also offer payment in various different currencies and if you do not have a credit card then you can also pay with Paypal.

You will receive your visa within 1 business day (24 hours), it is that easy! Apply online today and travel to beautiful Turkey.

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