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| Updated on Apr 10, 2016

Turkey tourist visa online to try all the famous Turkish Meals

Get a Turkey visa with and stand a chance to learn much more about their culture and practices.

You can apply online for the Turkish Visa and receive your visa within 24 hours or 1 business day. It is that easy, no need to apply at the Turkish embassy any more, simply apply online and print your e-Visa that will be delivered via email in PDF format. Remember that you can also pay with Paypal if you do not have a credit card, additionally they also offer various different currencies when you pay.

turkish visa and Lahmacun

From their food to ordinary lifestyle, the visa offers you an opportunity like none other. Turkish food culture is yogurt dominated – this is not a mere analogy. You need to try out a number of the country’s meals to understand this concept.

Here are some of the most commonly known Turkish meals you must try:

a) Menemen – this is a traditional breakfast made of scrambled eggs. They are cooked in sautéed vegetables and served with bread while hot.

b) Kofte – know to be a staple for the Turkish, these are patties or balls of lamb or beef that are ground. The meal is served in sandwiches, stewed, plain with yogurt, or over salads.

c) Mantl – a traditional dish known for its unique taste and texture. It is made of small lamb or beef dumplings that are boiled or fried. The meal is served with yogurt or even butter and usually comes with a range of spices. d) Lahmacun – this is crispy bread that is topped with minced meat. The flat, traditional bread also comes with salad, lemon juice and wrapped or half-folded. To eat, just pull apart. It is easy and cheap to find in the streets.

e) Baklava – the pastry, nutty and syrupy dessert is best known in Turkey. This is sweet and unique. It is eaten fresh and can be purchased in a lot of stores and coffee or tea shops alike.

f) Pide – this is commonly known as the Turkish Pizza. The boat-shaped flatbread is served with a number of toppings and usually minced meat, cheese or spinach.

Other common meals you should try in turkey include gullac,meze, borek, and lokum as well as sis kebap among others.

Turkey sure has a lot to offer, from the beautiful Mediterranean coast, to Ankara, to Ephesus just to name a few. Apply for your tourist visa today and plan your trip to Turkey.

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