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| Updated on Jan 2, 2016

Travelling with visa for Turkey by Planes

Getting around Turkey couldn’t be easier once you have a Turkish visa and a destination in mind.

There is no place in Turkey that cannot be seen from the unique experience of public transport or comfort of private vehicles. Most importantly, it’s essential for a fun vacation to have all necessary paperwork done before booking it. We can help. For a smoother application process and quick return, check out tips at our blog and leave the rest to us!

turkish visa by plane

Once you arrive, the question in mind is how on earth are you going to get anywhere? Course, this could come in after the idea of food or sleeping in a comfortable bed (jetlag creeps in quickly!). Regardless of when this does pop into focus, the important idea to remember is Turkey has outstanding public transport throughout the entire country. If you are in the city, hop on a bus. It could be crowded depending on what time a day you decide to ride.

Rush hour applies all over the world, meaning locals will be rushed to commute on these buses in order to get to work. Be conscious of morning and evening times to avoid the cramped spaces.

No worries, buses are only one way to get around. There are also ferries as well as domestic flights. However, if staying on solid ground is more appealing, there are taxis but they tend to be a bit more expensive. Plus you should always know where you are headed and have a general idea of the route. On occasion, taxi drivers can take advantage of tourists not knowing where anything is in the city and take a longer route in order to make more money.

If staying in the cities is not on the itinerary, you can climb aboard a train. Choose between economy, business or sleeper car if traveling a longer distance.

Train is ran by the Turkish State Railways. You may be required to show your passport and Turkish visa prior to boarding. Now, due to some major construction and repairs going on, it’s advised to check the website about closures before booking any tickets. An inconvenience now but a bonus later. Depending on what tracks are operational, you can visit national parks and other cities with ease.

Considering all that has been mentioned, you can simply opt for a rental car and bypass the public transit system all together. Depending on where and when you travel, will influence the cost of your own private vehicle.

Prices tend to be lower during the off season and much higher during tourist season. Like the majority of countries, you will drive on the right side of the road, adhere to speed limits of around 50 -70 mph and be subject to alcohol limits of 50 mg per 100 mL of blood.

Also, buckle up. It may not be enforced but it’s the smart thing to do.

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