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| Updated on Dec 22, 2015

Touring Turkey Made Easy with E-Visa

Modern technology is changing the way we travel, including the Turkey Tourist Visa.

Thanks to some major advancements and country’s finally jumping on board with these leaps, travelling is becoming easier and easier for globe wanderers.

The days of snail mail, fighting with government agencies and not knowing where to get information are in the past. Google, for one has made everything readily available at our fingertips and we have hopped onto the information train as well.

We offer an easy to use website for getting your Turkish visa in a quick application process.


How does 5 minutes sound? Yes, it’s that quick! What’s even better is if you do get stuck on where to go or how something works, our friendly representatives are standing by to assist. Like we mentioned before, we have moved into the days of instant gratification and this includes almost instantly receiving your Turkey Tourist Visa.

The electronic visa and visa on arrival for Turkey, which began in 2013, has taken off like wildfire. Almost all points of entry throughout the country are now online and accepting linked passports.

As a traveler, if you have already made the transition to e-visas than you are good to go. But if you are still clinging to paperwork and traditional means of receiving a visa, you are facing a difficult time. Visa stamps are currently being phased out and soon, those stamps will no longer be issued or accepted.

E-visas into Turkey have its perks and a few downfalls, but mostly perks. It does save you a lot of time. Something that used to take weeks now is obtained almost instantly.

As of right now, about 100 countries are eligible for e-visas including: USA, UK, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Canada and Indonesia to name a few. Even less countries are eligible for multiple entry visas.

A few of those include: Spain, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Armenia. Again, those countries already mentioned are a fraction of the complete list.

When you are getting an e-visa, make sure your travel dates are set in stone. If those dates should change, you will need to reapply for an e-visa. This applies if your visa expires before you actually leave. Your e-visa is valid for 90 days after issuance.

Keep in mind, if you do not want to apply for an e-visa before departure, you can opt for a visa on arrival if you are a citizen of certain countries. A few of these places include: USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Haiti, Barbados, Yemen, Mexico and Ireland.

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