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| Updated on Feb 6, 2016

Getting your Istanbul visa is easy online--do it today!

Istanbul Is Waiting: Get Your Turkey Visa Electronically Online Today

Visiting this nation with such a storied history is now easier than any other time in the past! In just 3 simple step obtain the visa for Turkey with the most safe and quick official process.


From the grand heights of the Byzantine Empire to the rolling splendour of the Ottoman-era architecture, Turkey has seen many different cultures and peoples in its lands over the centuries. With its unique placement on the globe, Turkey has often straddled the divide between Europe and Asia. With the Bosporus Strait being a critical passage between the Black Sea and ultimately the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey has often been the site of conflict. From the sacking of the Istanbul (then known as Constantinople) by crusaders in the 13th century to the harsh campaigns of the First World War, the land is no stranger to strife. However, today Turkey is an eminently modern country with a vibrant culture and thriving populace that continues to grow and expand.

Turkey Offers an Easy-to-Understand e-Visa Process for Many

To enter the country from Australia, Canada, or the United States, one need only apply for an electronic Turkey visa. This document, which allows multiple entries into the country, is valid for a maximum stay of up to 90 days. The process for obtaining your Turkey visa can be completed entirely on the Internet before you even board your flight to Ankara or Istanbul!

Begin by visiting Turkey's official government e-visa website, located here. Ensure that your travel documents, such as your passport, are valid for at least six months before your date of travel. With fees ranging from $20 to $60 depending on your country of origin, obtaining your e-visa is easy and affordable. Enter the requested information on the website, submit your payment, and you are all set! Your e-visa will be processed and ready shortly. Then, you can proceed to the country and present your visa upon arrival. Your entry into the country will be granted just as if you had applied for a Turkey visa at a Turkish mission.

Begin Your Journey to Discover the Heart of Turkey

There are many great things to do and see while in Turkey. From the gorgeous sandy beaches on the Turquoise Coast, to the grand architecture of the Hagia Sophia, to the ancient and massive Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, there is something exciting for every traveller. With the ease of obtaining your Turkish e-visa and the fact that it allows multiple entries over the period it is valid, travelling to Turkey is a snap. Explore the process of applying and get ready to book your flight. An exotic travel experience awaits in the land of the Turks!

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Get your Turkey E-Visa online today!
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