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| Updated on May 11, 2016

Finding Delicious Turkish Cuisine and Visa Info

If you are a cook, then you can probably try your hand at creating food from all over the world or you can get a Visa for Turkey and save the kitchen. Seriously, unless you are Emeril or Martha Stewart, your best bet to tasting authentic cuisine from Turkey is to travel there. Lucky for you, we can help satisfy your taste buds we know are screaming out for unique flavors originating in this historic country. Once the plane tickets are bought and you are about ready to head to Turkey, visit us at and find out what you need to know before heading off to the airport.

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Turkey Meals

Whether you are planning to head out this year to Turkey or are waiting to venture off at a later date, the cuisine makes it worth the trip. Just remember: a Turkish Visa means delicious meals! Let’s take a glimpse at a few of the native dishes you can look forward to during a typical day (you won’t regret it!):

  • Breakfast - Scrambled eggs are common in many countries but not quite made like they are in Turkey. Menemen is the ultimate breakfast item, cooked with vegetables and served with hot bread. Sprinkle cilantro and you are good to go. Borek is a flaky pastry served throughout the day. Most popular is for breakfast and consists of minced cheese and meat.

  • Lunch - Baklali Enginar is ideal for the hotter months. Why? It’s light, cold and served with beans. A quick, over the stove type of meal you can get for lunch most restaurants are Imam Bayildi. These Aubergines are stuffed with a variety of ingredients including meat, beans, rice or mince. A little more traditional is tasting Iskender Kebab. Tender strips of lamb are served on rice and pita bread with yogurt.

  • Dinner - Most meals you get in Turkey are either going to have yogurt or pilav involved. Put the two together and you have a once in a lifetime eating experience. If you love pizza, then you must try Pide, the Turkish version of pizza. It resembles a boat and is usually made with cheese, minced vegetables and spinach. A meatier dish is Kuzu Tandir. After hours of slow cooking, this lamb is chopped and rests upon rice, potatoes and of course, yogurt.

  • Dessert - We can’t forget to mention the delicious Turkish desserts ready to top off your meal! Most popular and know is Baklava. Eat only when fresh. Be ready for sticky fingers and a smile on your face. Lokum consists of a variety of fillings and is usually topped with sprinkled powdered sugar. Like most desserts, it’s best consumed while fresh. Lastly, Mozaik Pasta is not pasta. Can we say chocolate alert! It’s a no bake type of dessert that’s a slice of sweet tooth heaven.

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