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| Updated on May 11, 2016

Visas for American Travel with Visa to Turkey

Turkey Visas

Visas Needed for American Travel with Visa to Turkey

If the plan is to vacation in Turkey and you’re a US citizen, a Turkish visa is required for each person travelling. There are different ways to obtain said required said and both are convenient if you’re tech savvy. If not, it could take a bit longer than it would if the Internet was used. Our online services help alleviate the hassle of traditional methods of obtaining visas and gets it back twice as fast. Take a look at our easy to use website and see for yourself why we should be handling your application. Best part about applying with us is if you have questions, there are friendly service representatives standing by to assist you. When you are ready to head to Turkey, please visit for get the visa required and skip the waiting.


Requirements for obtaining a Turkish visa for US citizens have changed in recent times. Prior to new technology, visas were done the old fashioned way. You would gather up a passport, picture, application and physically mail off the package to the embassy. It could take a few weeks before approval and the return of both passport and visa stamp. Too many lost passports were being reported and stepping up national security, meant creating a safer and quicker way of getting a visa. Now it’s done electronically, which is convenient and fast.

There are two types of visas a US citizen can receive in order to enter Turkey:

  • An e-visa or and a visa on arrival.
  • Getting an e-visa or ETA prior to departing the states is cheaper and a guarantee of access to the country. It can be submitted either directly through the embassy or with a third party website like ours. The benefit of going with a trusted website is for an added cost, you can have the visa expedited and returned in about 24-48 hours, as long as there are no mistakes on the application. Landing in Turkey without a visa already in hand leads to the second type: visa on arrival. Americans can find self-service kiosks inside the Turkish airports. There, a citizen will simply apply, pay a fee (usually $30 USD) and be allowed to cross into the country.

Waiting to get a visa until after arrival can be risky, especially if there are any trouble spots in your background. If you are denied, it could mean a return flight home. [Play on the safer side and make sure all documentation required for a fun filled vacation in beautiful Turkey are complete] ( before ever leaving American soil. Keep us in mind when you start day-dreaming about the Aegean Sea or hot air ballooning over the stunning and breathtaking Cappadocia. It will be a trip to stay with you for years to come.

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