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| Updated on Dec 13, 2015

Ultimate Dive Vacation Awaits in Underwater Turkey

Dive right into an undersea wonderland in Turkey.

Your first dive should be to the Turkish visa process as you will need it to visit Turkey diving areas.

There will be no slow motion swimming beside sea life creatures without your visa. We don’t offer water fins or wetsuits but we do provide awesome information and an easy-to-use application process at

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Though a relatively new sport in Turkey, this means less crowd and more ocean to explore. Take a peak below at some of the idyllic spots to suit up:


Offering a small, beach town atmosphere, it has one of the best dive areas in the country! Kadirga Rock is famous for its shipwrecked treasures and parts resting on the sea floor. You will never be bored underwater as marine life will join you for a swim and give way to spectacular photo ops. Dive in groups or go solo. Either way you are sure to find excitement lying around the reefs. As an added bonus, when you are finished or want to take a break from diving, take a stroll in town. Plenty of mom and pop shops are open daily during warmer season. Not to mention the local cuisine is fantastic and worth a taste!

-Gallipoli and the Dardanelles:

For anyone who has a knack for the past, this is the location for you. Lined with artifacts from previous wars and conflicts, diving will give you a firsthand look at these treasures now home to hundreds of sea creatures. There is no telling what you could encounter in the deep blue: canons, rusting weapons, decrepit ship parts and much more. Take a peek into one of the carriers, which was sunk during WWI and still well intact. This is one dive you must have an underwater camera for. Selfie with the ship, anyone?


We can’t say it’s the best spot to dive because that’s playing favorites. However, Kas, is gorgeous. One reason to dive at this location is for history and we mean ancient history. Dive down and slush around a replica of an excavated ship dated back to about 14th century BC! If you want to see the real ship, it’s in the Bodrum Museum for preservation. But the replica makes for a great alternative. Keep in mind this should not be done by beginners as the replica sits about 200 feet down. Aside from a sunken ship, there is colorful reefs, beautiful sea life and a world of imagination to dive through. Still contemplating the idea of life under the sea? Get your Turkish visa now and get ready to dive these GoPro beauties!

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