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| Updated on Aug 26, 2016

Planning a Road Trip in Turkey, Car Travel in Turkey

Earlier this June, I traveled around Turkey for a month and it was a wonderful experience. There are many ways to get to know this country. Turkey is a very diverse and offers many possibilities to travel around it. All you have to do is pick the one that suits you the most.

I chose to see as much of Turkey as I could in a month. I decided to travel by car since I didn’t want to miss out on those little towns we don’t get to see when traveling by plane. I wanted to live Turkey as a local. Experience eating in local places, meeting local people and having to deal with the day-to-day Turkish life.

If you are planning a road trip in Turkey this article will definitely help you plan your trip.

5 Musts When Road Tripping in Turkey:

1- Documents: Before you even start planning your trip, you need to make sure you have all your documentation up to date. Once you have checked your passport is good to go, you need to apply for a visa. Yes, you need a visa for Turkey. Don’t waste time at the embassy; you can now apply for an eVisa online.

eVisa: You can apply for an e-Visa online on the following link: or at the e-Visa website.

The eVisa is an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The ETA replaces the “sticker visa” and “stamp-type” visas formerly issued at border crossings. Applicants obtain their Turkey visa electronically after entering required information and making a payment by credit card online. Turkey eVisa is only valid for tourism or trade purposes.

2- Plan Your Route: Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? How much time do you have? If you have around two weeks to a month, I personally recommend you start your trip in Istanbul and head down south to Antalya. These are the cities I visited and recommend you don’t miss out on any:

-Istanbul -Ephesus -Fethiye -Antalya -Cappadocia -Derinkuyu Undergroud City

Tip! Keep in mind traveling distances according to the time you have for your road trip.

3- Pick Your Car: Things to consider when renting a car: -Book in advance: You will be guaranteed availability and probably get a much cheaper deal. -Fees for additional extras: Don’t forget to ask if a second driver is included. -Pick up and return: You will probably hire the car and return the car at different destinations, so check if one-way rental fee applies. -Keep in mind number of seats and luggage room and size of passengers. I traveled with a 6ft tall friend and we made sure to get a car he would be comfortable in.

4- Learn About the Culture: There’s nothing like knowing the basics of the country you are visiting. When you visit Turkey keep in mind the following:

-Turkish are very sociable -Basic Words to Communicate: Hello (Merhaba), Bye (Güle Güle), Thanks (Sagol), Welcome (Hos Geldiniz) and We feel welcome (Hos Bulduk), Please (Lütven), Yes (Evet), No (Hayir). -Shoes in houses are not allowed.

5- Map of Turkey: I love to know where I am going and where I am at all times. Having a map of Turkey with you while traveling will help you figure out distances and locations.

Important Tip! -Internet Connection: Wifi connections aren’t that difficult to find and hotels and restaurants are ok with you using it. But for road trippers “Rent and Connect Turkey” is an unlimited 3G wireless connection wherever you go. I used it a lot and had super fast Internet wherever I was. Visit their website here

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