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| Updated on Nov 19, 2015

Get a Visa to Turkey for a Luxury Cruise in Style

Taking a tour of Turkey can be done by land or sea. If by the ocean blue, be sure to pack your Turkish visa alongside your flip flops.

Years ago, cruise companies were responsible for obtaining visas for all passengers. Not so much now. You will need to apply and receive one visa to Turkey before setting foot on the deck. We make the process simple, pleasant and quick. Guess you could say we get your “cruising” to where you want to be. Those of you looking into cruising Turkey rather than driving hours from one landmark to another, we have some ideas to make your trip planning a bit less vague.

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Turkey Cruises

Finding a cruise liner that best fits your needs is going to take a little research, not to mention fitting one with your budget. Norwegian Cruise Liners offer affordable rates with 7-12 day excursions. There are many different ports you can begin the journey from including Barcelona and Venice. Wanting to see even more than just Turkey? For the wild adventurer, packages taking you across the Atlantic and down into the Caribbean are available as well. Windstar Cruises are another company specializing in trips within the Mediterranean. Ports here include Istanbul and other parts of the Turkish coastline.

Depending on which cruise you decide to take, there are plenty of activities to do. Making port calls are simply half of the fun (the other half is relaxing top deck under the warm sun with a Mai Tai in your hand). Most stops last at least a day, others overnight, which means more play time for you! Depending on the schedule, you can take a day excursion and see the best of Istanbul.

Sights on this type of tour include the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia. This is perfect for first time tourists. Those of you who have been there, done that, try a tour of the Ottoman Palaces and dinner on a motorboat. Nothing quite says a visit to Turkey quite like the lavishness and beauty of royal palaces.

Sure, port calls are full of adventure but what about being on board a grand ship or luxurious yacht? No crowds, no lines and no stress. Sit back and listen to the sound of wind mixing with crashing waves. Enjoy private or small group fine dining, dinners by candlelight with a lit up ancient city in the background or relaxing to a soothing live band. If you are looking for a different way to travel and see Turkey or neighboring countries, you should definitely take a cruise. Luxury travel without the hassle of cramped spaces and crowds of tourists.

Get your Turkish visa and hit the open sea.

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