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| Updated on Aug 26, 2015

Amateur Fishing with a Turkey Visa

Cast a line towards our site and find out the Turkish Visa Requirements in order to get you out on a lake in Turkey. This is not bait and switch tactic, we are here to help make you vacation planning much easier and quicker. Less headache. Especially if you are planning to spend a few days cruising the lakes and rivers. Taking a fishing trip with the guys, or gals, is right at your fingertips. Follow us at and receive all the information you need to pack your bags and get to Turkey.

Fishing in Turkey

It is much the same as fishing anywhere else in the world. You get a boat, tackle box and a boat. Throw in a few poles, an ice chest full of beer and you are ready to go. Music and sunscreen is optional but does make for a comfortable day. Before you load up, be sure you understand local laws and of course, the Turkish Visa Requirements, without will take you nowhere.

In Turkey, like much of the world, fishing is not free. Whether you plan to escape on a meandering river, calm lake to the deep blue sea, you will need a fishing license. Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have regional offices where you can obtain one. If you are not a resident of Turkey, you will need to specifically obtain a guest license. You will need:

Keep in mind depending on where you are, it’s legal for tourists to go out with local fisherman and fish. This could be the route to take if you are looking to relax and not fret about gear or licenses. The downside is you go where the fisherman goes. But hey, you get to chat and learn more about the Turkish culture. That’s what travel is all about!

There are plenty of places to bait a hook but there is also a ban on fishing during fish mating season in certain areas from the first of April to the first of September. Check with local government agencies prior to heading out. A few popular places locals and travelers enjoy catching fish at are:

  • Black Sea
  • Aegean Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Strait of Istanbul
  • Marmara Sea

If you take to the sea, remember commercial fishing is not allowed. There are a few other regulations governing amateur fishing to keep in mind when on the boat:

  • No more than four poles can be used on a boat at one time
  • All gear is allowed except ground lines
  • Spear guns and harpoons are not allowed at night
  • No fishing in Marine Parks
  • Near seals or underwater caves
  • Fishing boats cannot be larger than 22 feet

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